Simple schematic conversion

convert schematic files

Upload your schematic, Electrical drawings, or Electronic CAD files and use our converter to download them in another format, simple as that. Our conversion system will attempt to normalize your schematic components and allow you to download a different format schematic file or a cleaned up image of your circuit design.

Supported Formats

We support many common schematic formats with more on the way. Feel free to share this tool with your friends.

Import Formats:

  • Altium® (.schdoc)
  • Eagle® (.sch)
  • SIMetrix® SPICE (.sxsch)
  • EDIF (.edf)
  • OrCad® (.dsn)

Export Formats:

  • Altium®
  • Eagle®
  • SIMetrix® SPICE
  • OrCad®
  • EDIF
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • BMP

Coming Soon

We have exciting plans to include support for many other formats and new ways to interact with the results. If you know of other formats that you would like to see supported

  • Collaborate online with Arrow enVision
  • LTSpice
  • ngspice
  • Hierarchical Schematic Support
  • PCB Board File (.brd) Import/Export